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Tardis In Space Spiral Notebook

This Doctor Who spiral notebook is all about the Tardis while hanging in space.

On the front of this notebook you find space and lots of it and in that space you can find the Tardis just hanging there but also not hanging there as it looks like the famous blue police box seems to be disappearing.

A notebook like this is great for school, work and at home and inside you find 120 pages to write on. You can get this notebook with ruled or graph paper so that you get exactly what you need and want.

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buy Blue Tardis Bookends

Blue Tardis Bookends

Now there is a Tardis like pair of bookends that are great for keeping up your books and dvd’s.

No this is not the real Tardis but the bookends look like the blue phone box from Doctor Who.

The bookends have a special foam bottom so that they don’t scratch you bookshelf while moving them around.

No need to get boring plain bookends because you can have some that makes you think about the Doctor and his Tardis.

Bookends like this are great to keep up school books or for using in the office. Just find some books and the bookends will keep them up.

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