buy Adipose Fat Club T-Shirt

Adipose Fat Club T-Shirt

Doctor Who Adipose Fat Club T-Shirt

A true Doctor Who fan knows that an Adipose needs a lot of fat to keep growing and what better place to look for fat then in a frying pan specially just after you made some delicious bacon.

On this Doctor Who t-shirt you can see that pan and in it you can see an Adipose just rolling around annoying all the fat it can get. And on the Adipose it says “Fat Club” witch of course this little cute creature is a member of as it really needs the fat to survive.

This Adipose t-shirt is available in white or blue and comes in men and women’s styles in sizes ranging from Small going all the way to 6XL and all these shirts are made from 100% cotton so that it fits and feels perfect.

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