buy Bill Pots Cardboard Cutout

Bill Pots Cardboard Cutout

If you are going to have a Doctor Who party then you want this Bill Potts cardboard cutout that is free standing and life size.

So Bill Potts can stand on the side when you have a party or just to decorate your home.

Bill Potts looks like she did in the first adventures she had with the 12th Doctor.

The building easel on the back of the cardboard cutout makes it really easy to make her stand by herself.

Now you will have a photo opportunity with Bill Potts and she looks amazing.

No need much more for your Doctor Who party because Bill is ready to party.

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buy 10th And 11th Doctor Life-size Cardboard Cutout Poster

10th And 11th Doctor Life-size Cardboard Cutout Poster

This Doctor Who cardboard poster is free standing and has two Doctor’s on it.

The standee is life-size and shows a scene from the famous anniversary episode. On the front your find the 11th Doctor and his Sonic Screwdriver and behind him there is the 10th Doctor.

It’s not likely you will find two Doctors together but when you do then you know something special is happening.

And you can now have the Doctor’s standing in your home ready for a party or just a great fun decorations.

And the easel that comes with it will make sure that you can place this poster anywhere you want making it great for almost anywhere.

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