buy 12th Doctor T-Shirt Dress

12th Doctor T-Shirt Dress

This Doctor Who dress shows the 12th Doctor on the front.

The black dress is a t-shirt style dress with on the front an amazing image of the Doctor.

You can see that the whole front is filled with the 12th Doctor and he seems to be thinking up something and he is wearing his Sonic sunglasses.

The Doctor Who dress is available in women’s sizes XSmall – 2XL. A dress like this is great for summer as it has a loose fit but of course can be worn in winter to.

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buy Exploding Tardis Sleeveless Dress

Exploding Tardis Sleeveless Dress

If you want a fun Doctor Who dress for summer then you have to check out this exploding Tardis dress.

The women’s skater style dress is sleeveless and short and that makes it just perfect for summer.

The Doctor Who dress is covered in the famous painting of the exploding Tardis and that painting can be found over the whole dress including the straps.

Just imagine walking around town in a fun pattern dress with lots of yellow and blue just perfect for the summer weather.

I know you like the design and I know you get back all those fond memories of the 11th Doctor and Amy Pond in their crazy adventures.

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buy Tardis Gears Dress

Tardis Gears Dress

If you want a Tardis dress then you came to the right spot as this dress is stunning and perfect for all the true fans of Doctor Who.

The dress is classy and not really a costume either so that you can wear it to work, party or where ever else you want.

The dress has a corset waist that is white just like the Tardis windows and the fabric of the dress is blue with on it a gear pattern and to top it all off the bust line has the Tardis sign that says “Police Public Call Box”.

The Doctor Who dress is strapless and has a mesh edge on the bottom to make it look even better. And sure you can get this dress in a wide range of women’s sizes to.

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