buy Exploding Tardis Bathroom Matts Set

Exploding Tardis Bathroom Matts Set

Doctor Who fans need to use the bathroom too but now they can in style all thanks to this Exploding Tardis Bathroom Matts Set.

This set of bath mats are all decorated with the famous exploding Tardis painting and it is printed on a floor mat, toilet mat, and toilet lid cover.

Now you can have a really cool Doctor Who bathroom and that is what every true fan dreams about.

If your bath mats need to be replaced or if you don’t have any now then you really should check this out as it is so amazing looking.

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buy Exploding Tardis Ceramic Plate Set

Exploding Tardis Ceramic Plate Set

A Doctor Who fan needs plates to eat from to and now there is this exploding Tardis ceramic plate set that can make that happen.

The plates in this set are white and shows the exploding Tardis on it and the text “There are more wonders in this universe…”.

The plates come in a set of 4 and have a diameter of 8 inches. And you want to use these Doctor Who plates every day and that is why they made them dishwasher and microwave safe so that they can replace the boring plates you already own.

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buy Exploding Tardis Cake Topper Image

Exploding Tardis Cake Topper Image

If you are planning a Doctor Who themed birthday party then you just need to get this exploding Tardis cake topper that is edible and just amazing.

The cake topper is a frosting sheet that fits perfect on a 1/4 sheet cake or centered on a 1/2 sheet cake. So just bake a cake or buy one in store and transform it into a Doctor Who cake with this Tardis cake topper.

The exploding Tardis edible cake topper image is gluten and dairy free and contains no known allergens or peanut products. It is also certified Kosher.

Now your party is all set thanks to the Doctor Who birthday cake you can make with this topper.

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buy Exploding Tardis Christmas Stocking

Exploding Tardis Christmas Stocking

This Christmas Santa can deliver his small gifts into this Doctor Who Christmas stocking.

The Christmas stocking has a blue border on top with the Doctor Who logo and the rest of this stocking shows the exploding Tardis painting from van Gogh.

A stocking like this is better then a plain red one and way better if you are a Doctor Who fan.

The Tardis Christmas stocking is 19 inches long and just perfect for hanging with the other stockings this holiday season.

Get a Doctor Who stocking and you never want to go back to boring and plain.

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buy Exploding Tardis Sleeveless Dress

Exploding Tardis Sleeveless Dress

If you want a fun Doctor Who dress for summer then you have to check out this exploding Tardis dress.

The women’s skater style dress is sleeveless and short and that makes it just perfect for summer.

The Doctor Who dress is covered in the famous painting of the exploding Tardis and that painting can be found over the whole dress including the straps.

Just imagine walking around town in a fun pattern dress with lots of yellow and blue just perfect for the summer weather.

I know you like the design and I know you get back all those fond memories of the 11th Doctor and Amy Pond in their crazy adventures.

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buy Exploding Tardis Digital Watch

Exploding Tardis Digital Watch

Now there is a exploding Tardis wrist watch for women that like to have Doctor Who telling them the time.

This watch looks like a classic digital watch that just shows the time in numbers.

The Doctor Who watch has a strap that has the exploding Tardis painting on it and then on the beige watch it says “Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey” and a picture of the Tardis.

No this is not a watch for a formal occasion but it is a great watch for everyday use and perfect for wearing to school and work.

And this Doctor Who Tardis watch comes with 2 years warranty so that you are curtain it will be there to tell you time.

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buy Women’s Exploding Tardis Bikini Set

Women’s Exploding Tardis Bikini Set

If you are a Doctor Who fan looking for a fun swimsuit for the pool and beach then you came to the right place as this exploding Tardis bikini set is just what you need.

The string bikini has blue strings and besides that the fabric of the swimsuit is covered in the print of the Van Gogh painting of the exploding Tardis so lots of blue and yellow.

You can get this special Doctor Who bikini set in many women’s sizes ranging from Small – 5XL so that all the true fans of the Doctor and his Tardis can enjoy wearing it this summer.

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buy Exploding Tardis Bi Fold Wallet

Exploding Tardis Bi Fold Wallet

Now you can have a Doctor Who wallet to store all your cash and cards in.

This wallet is blue on the inside and on the outside it shows the Vincent Van Gogh painting of the exploding Tardis.

This Bi-Fold wallet offers space for cards and cash so that you can have the Doctor near to your money.

The Doctor Who Tardis wallet also offers a clear pocket so that you can show you ID card without having to remove it from your wallet.

Why would anyone want a plain wallet when you can have something cool like this?

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