buy Tardis Center Console Lamp

Tardis Center Console Lamp

Doctor Who fan can now have this amazing looking Tardis Center Console Lamp.

This Doctor Who lamp looks like the console of the Tardis and the middle is a lava lamp so with those big bubbles just floating around.

The Tardis console is 14.75 inches tall and 8.5 inches wide and that makes this a great size for on a side table in your living room or maybe for on your nightstand.

Now every Doctor Who fan can feel part of the world of the Doctor because every fan can now own a part of the famous blue police box and that is awesome.

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buy Tardis String Light On Battery Power

Tardis String Light On Battery Power

Doctor Who fans can have light in their homes thanks to this Tardis string light.

The string light has 20 Tardis lights and they are LED and the string is 24 inches long and each Tardis is 1 1/2 inch tall. And for most string lights you need a power socket but not with this string as it is battery powered.

Just put in 3 AA batteries and you can hang these Doctor Who lights almost anywhere from the Christmas tree to your bedroom. Just imagine Tardis lights above your bed that will be so much fun when sleeping.

So bring Doctor Who light to your life with thanks to the Tardis.

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buy Tardis Desk Lamp

Tardis Desk Lamp

If you are looking for a nice Doctor Who lamp then you should check out this Tardis desk lamp.

The Doctor Who lamp comes in a powerder coated base in silver or white and the lamp shade shows the Tardis front door over and over.

The whole Tardis lamp is 20 inches tall and would look amazing on a side table or desk in your home or office.

And if you would like a different Doctor Who lamp then click the picture as this design is available in different model lamps so you can even have a ceiling lamp that looks like the Tardis is flying in your room.

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buy Crystal Tardis Light With The 12th Doctor Inside

Crystal Tardis Light With The 12th Doctor Inside

Doctor Who fans that want to add something really special to their collection should check out this crystal Tardis light and the Doctor is inside it.

The crystalline Tardis is a 3D Tardis made from real crystal and inside the Tardis, you can see the 12th Doctor Who pointing away. And as it is in 3D you can look at the Tardis and the Doctor from all sides.

The base that the Tardis stands on had light build in to make this Tardis look blue in the dark and making it a fun accent light or maybe even a nightlight.

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buy Tardis Wall Light

Tardis Wall Light

Now your home can have a Tardis wall light.

The Doctor Who light looks like the famous blue police box and it looks like it is coming through your wall to bring you light.

The Tardis wall light about 9 inches long and when dark you can turn it on so that the windows and top can light up.

And this Tardis runs on 3 AA batteries and that means no wires so that you can hanging where ever you want light without worrying if there is a power plug nearby.

No more dark corners in your home all thanks to this Doctor Who wall light that looks like the Tardis.

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