buy 11th Doctor Bow Tie Necklace

11th Doctor Bow Tie Necklace

Now you can feel like the 11th Doctor by wearing this fun Doctor Who bow tie necklace.

The necklace has a 3 inch wide bow tie on it and the tie is available in many colors but this red one is probably the color that Doctor Who wears most.

And the bow tie hangs on a 16 inch long chain that has a 2 inch long extender.

A fun piece of Doctor Who jewelry like this can be worn any day of the year by true fans of the Doctor but it can also be part of your Halloween or cosplay Doctor Who costume.

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buy Tardis Compass Necklace

Tardis Compass Necklace

Thanks to this Doctor Who necklace you never have to get lost again.

The pendant necklace has a silver tone color and on top of that you find the Tardis from Doctor Who and inside the Tardis pendant, you will find a compass because you need that to figure out where you are and inside you will also find the famous DW Tardis looking logo.

The Tardis compass necklace is 26 inches long and has a 3-inch extender and the Tardis pendant has a diameter of 1 1/2 inches.

So now you will always know where to go all thanks to the compass that can help you find your bearings.

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buy Crack In The Universe Necklace

Crack In The Universe Necklace

Now you can have a necklace that kept Doctor Who busy for a while.

This Doctor Who necklace looks like the crack in the universe that the 11th Doctor found in the home of Amy Pond.

On the crack that you find on the necklace it says “Crack in the skin of the universe” so that you always know what the Doctor is about.

The crack necklace is 19 1/4 inch long and also has a 3 inch extender and just looks like a really nice necklace. The Doctor Who necklace is made from 316L surgical grade stainless steel making it perfect for people with nickel allergies.

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