buy Serving Tray With The Tardis On It

Serving Tray With The Tardis On It

Now you can get this Serving Tray With The Tardis On It which is just perfect for anyone that likes Doctor Who or classic police boxes.

This Doctor Who serving tray is available in different sizes and it comes in black or a natural wood.

As you can see the tray has nice high sides that are in the color of your choosing and then on the bottom of the tray you can see a nice image of the Tardis and the famous blue police box really looks nice.

With a fun tray like this you can have the Tardis with you when ever you have a tea party or if you use this tray to hold other things.

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buy Tardis Shaped Serving Tray

Tardis Shaped Serving Tray

If you like to have parties for all your Doctor Who friends then you should check out this Tardis shaped serving tray.

The serving tray is 16 inches and made from ceramic and is Tardis blue and shaped just like the real Tardis and on the blue tray you can see in white a drawing of the Tardis and it looks really cool.

Besides for parties you can use the Tardis tray for putting other Doctor Who goodies on it just for display as it just looks really good and it would be a shame if it was only used at a party.

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