buy Doctor Who Robot Dog Slippers

Doctor Who Robot Dog Slippers

Now you can wear these Doctor Who Robot Dog Slippers and you won’t have to worry about cold feet.

These Doctor Who slippers come in one size fits most adults and looks like the classic K-9 robot dog that most Doctor Who fans will only remember from many many year ago.

The slippers are grey and look like the robot dog complete with antenna style ears and many more details we know and love from see it on TV.

And the plush style slippers are nice and comfy for walking around the house and are fun to look at especially while watching Doctor Who on TV.

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buy 13th Doctor Flip Flops

13th Doctor Flip Flops

Now Doctor Who fan can wear these 13th Doctor Flip Flops all summer long.

The Doctor Who flip flops have a blue footbed wit the fun colored stripes on it that we all know from the shirt that the 13th Doctor wears.

And these fun flip flops are great for both men and women and it is available in different sizes too so that you can get the perfect fit.

A day to the beach or the yard will be more fun if you feet are in these fun flip flops and I am sure that you feel closer to Doctor Who.

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buy Fur Lined Tardis Slippers

Fur Lined Tardis Slippers

When the days are cold your feet get cold too and if you are a Doctor Who fan you are in luck because now there are Tardis slippers that are made to keep your feet warm.

These Tardis slippers are blue and have the Tardis doors on them and they are lined with a white furry material to keep you warm.

And these Doctor Who slippers come in one size to fit most so both men and women that like the Doctor and his adventures can enjoy walking around with the Tardis on their feet.

The bottom of the slippers have some non-slip details to keep you from sliding around.

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buy Doctor Who Black Logo Slippers

Doctor Who Black Logo Slippers

After a long day standing you want to come home and put on something way more comfortable then those shoes you wore today. And that is where these Doctor Who slippers come in handy.

These black women’s slippers come in many sizes and have “Doctor Who” in big letters on the footbed and on the top you can find the Doctor Who logo that says “DW” but looks like the Tardis.

These officially licensed slippers are just perfect for your sore feet and they look nice to specially while watching Doctor Who on TV and just relaxing.

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buy High Top Tardis Sneakers

High Top Tardis Sneakers

These Doctor Who shoes are for the true fans that like to wear cool high top sneakers but also would like something of a Doctor Who look.

These ZIPZ canvas sneakers have on it a print of the doors of the Tardis, you can see the windows, doors and even a sign or two. And no these shoes have not a hand painted look they are machine printed for optimum quality. Besides the amazing Tardis print the shoes are white with white soles, nose and laces.

You can get these Doctor Who sneakers in men’s sizes 4 – 13 and women’s sizes 6 – 15 and both are available in half sizes to so that they fit just perfectly on your feet.

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