buy Dalek No Trespassing Sticker

Dalek No Trespassing Sticker

Get your Dalek No Trespassing Sticker to warn people from going onto your property.

The Doctor Who sticker is white with a red print.

On the top is says “No Trespassing” and the below that there you find a Dalek with next to it the text “Violators Will Be Exterminated ” and ” THERE WILL BE NO SURVIVORS”.

When you own a Dalek you don’t need a guard dog.

The Dalek sticker is vinyl and is UV and waterproof so that it can survive in the elements but it works on your bedroom door too.

Doctor Who fans young or old will like a sticker like this.

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buy Doctor Who Sticker Sheet

Doctor Who Sticker Sheet

If you like to decorate things with Doctor Who details then you should check out this Doctor Who sticker sheet.

On the sheet, you will find many cool Doctor Who stickers that all seem to be from the time of the 11th Doctor as there are things like a fez, bow tie, the Doctor himself and yes the Tardis and many other villains are there too.

You can use these stickers on so many things as stickers just stick to things and that is fun for young and old.

Stick your Doctor Who stickers on things for school, work, or home and the Doctor will always be near.

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buy Bow Ties 11th Doctor Sticker

Bow Ties 11th Doctor Sticker

If you want a fun Doctor Who sticker to decorate boring things with then you need this round bow ties 11th Doctor sticker.

On the sticker you can see dots and hearts in the background and in front of that you can see the 11th Doctor looking amazing with a great looking bow tie and on the side of the Doctor, it says “Bow Ties” as that is what it is all about.

You can get this round Doctor Who sticker in different sizes too so that you can get the perfect bow tie sticker for on anything you want.

Get your Bow Ties 11th Doctor Sticker

buy Bill Potts Gay Pride Heart Sticker

Bill Potts Gay Pride Heart Sticker

After seeing the first episode of Doctor Who series 10 it became clear that the new companion of the Doctor Bill Potts likes girls.

And for those who would like to make that clearer to the world, they made this Doctor Who sticker.

The sticker is die cut in the shape of a heart and the heart has a rainbow colored background with on top of it a picture of Bill Potts.

Now you can have this cool vinyl sticker on almost anything you own. Laptop, wall, or maybe even the windows can all use this Bill Potts stick on it.

Get your Bill Potts Gay Pride Heart Sticker

buy 12th Doctor Die Cut Cartoon Style Sticker

12th Doctor Die Cut Cartoon Style Sticker

This Doctor Who sticker shows the 12th Doctor and his guitar.

And it’s not just Doctor Who but it’s more like a cartoon version fo the Doctor and he brought his guitar as you by know should know is something he likes.

The Doctor Who sticker is made from die cut vinyl and is available in different sizes. And this sticker looks great on almost anything.

You laptop, fridge, book, car or maybe the boat can all use a Doctor Who sticker like this and the nice thing is that you can remove the sticker without leaving a residue on your belongings.

Get your 12th Doctor Die Cut Cartoon Style Sticker

buy 11th Doctor Die Cut Sticker

11th Doctor Die Cut Sticker

Now you can have a sticker of the Doctor on all your stuff so that Doctor Who always feels near.

This die cut sticker is of the 11th Doctor and it looks a bit comical witch of course makes him extra cute.

The Doctor is wearing his suit with bow tie of course and has a big grin on his face.

You can use this Doctor Who sticker on many surfaces like a book, laptop or maybe your wall as long as it’s flat the vinyl sticker will look stunning on it.

And if you ever want to remove the Doctor then that is possible to.

Get your 11th Doctor Die Cut Sticker