buy 13th Doctor Who Plush

13th Doctor Who Plush

Now there is a 13th Doctor Who Plush that is a must have for the true fans of Doctor Who.

The plush is made by Superbitz and is rated ages 5+ and is 4.5 inches tall.

And as you can see the plush of the first female Doctor Who you know that it is based on the real doctor as she is wearing her amazing outfit and her blond hair and she even has her earrings and her friendly face.

It is a great toy to play and cuddle with but also one that can just be on display in your home.

And to make it a great display piece they even put her in a nice display box.

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buy 13th Doctor Who Barbie Doll

13th Doctor Who Barbie Doll

Now you can now your own 13th Doctor Who Barbie Doll.

If you like Barbie and Doctor Who then you are in luck because with the first female doctor Mattel decided to make us a Doctor Who Barbie based on the 13th Doctor.

The Doctor Who Barbie looks just like the real female Doctor wearing her famous outfit and holding her Sonic Screwdriver and like a true Barbie she has the perfect hair too.

The Doctor Who doll is 11.5 inches tall and is great to play with as she is a true action figure too and maybe she like to hang out with Ken.

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buy 13th Doctor LEGO Minifigure

13th Doctor LEGO Minifigure

Anyone that likes LEGO figures and Doctor Who should check out this 13th Doctor LEGO minifigure.

The figurine of the first female Doctor Who is the typical LEGO figure only this time it is made to look like a true Doctor Who so she is wearing her coat and even carries the key to the Tardis.

Sure this is not an figurine build by LEGO but it is made from new LEGO parts and with added custom parts.

And the Doctor Who minifigure comes in a nice package which makes it a fun present for a true Doctor Who fan that loves LEGO too.

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buy Sonic Screwdriver From The 13th Doctor

Sonic Screwdriver From The 13th Doctor

Now you can have the Sonic Screwdriver from the 13th Doctor Who.

And this is not the kind of Sonic Screwdriver we are used to that looked all smooth and cool as this one almost looks. like a finger.

This Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver is about 8 inches tall and has orange glowing light build in and it does make Sonic Screwdriver sound too.

Owning this Sonic Screwdriver means you are ready to dress up like the first female Doctor for cosplay or Halloween. You can also just choose to display this cool looking finger in your home as it really looks amazing.

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buy Doctor Who Paper Dolls Book

Doctor Who Paper Dolls Book

If you want some Doctor Who crafts then this Doctor Who paper dolls book is what you want.

Now you can dress up your own Doctor Who paper dolls in cool outfits or simply like they normally wear. There are paper dolls from the first 12 Doctors and there are many companions and other characters too and there are many costumes to choose from making it great for many hours of fun. And the characters are made from heavy card stock.

And the book also has other things to keep you entertained even if you are done dressing the dolls.

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buy 4th Doctor Funko Playmobil Action Figure

4th Doctor Funko Playmobil Action Figure

Now you can have a Playmobil action figure that looks like the 4th Doctor Who and that makes it highly collectible and cool.

The figurine looks just like the typical Playmobil figures we all played with when we were young and now you and the kids can play with this Doctor Who Playmobil figure.

The Doctor Who action figure is 6 inches tall and that makes him bigger than normal Playmobil characters and he does look like the 4th Doctor complete with scarf, hood, and Sonic Screwdriver.

The Doctor Who figure is rated ages 5+ so you can play with it like a toy or have it as a display piece that is part of you Doctor Who collection.

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buy 12th Doctor Talking Plush

12th Doctor Talking Plush

Now you can be the companion of the 12th Doctor because this plush of Doctor Who makes you the perfect person to carry him around where ever he wants to go.

The Doctor Who plush is 9 inches tall and talks just like the 12th doctor and is dressed just like the doctor and he even has shiny shoes and gray hair.

The 12th Doctor is rated ages 3 and up making it great for kids and adults.

Sure you need this plush to be part of your Doctor Who collection and I am sure that he loves to watch reruns of Doctor Who with you.

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buy 11th Doctor Funko Playmobil Action Figure

11th Doctor Funko Playmobil Action Figure

Now you can have a Doctor Who action figure that looks like a Playmobil figure.

Yes, this is a 6-inch tall version of the 11th Doctor if the Doctor would be Playmobil. The action figure looks just like Doctor Who complete with his bow tie and Sonic Screwdriver and a happy smile.

The action figure is made by the people of Funko and Playmobil and maybe taller than a regular Playmobil figure and that makes him so much more collectible and fun.

And it is still a toy and it is rated ages 5 and up so that even adults are allowed to own them.

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buy Metal 3D Tardis Model

Metal 3D Tardis Model

If you always wanted to build a Tardis just like the one Doctor Who has then now you can only this one is a little bit smaller.

The Tardis model is made from blue metal with a lot of details, it has door, and top signs and even the doors work.

The model Tardis is rated ages 14 and up and it may keep you busy for a while but after that, you will have an amazing looking Tardis just for you to enjoy.

I am sure that the Doctor himself would enjoy building this model so if you want to be a bit like him then start building your own 3D Tardis.

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buy Sonic Screwdriver From the 12th Doctor

Sonic Screwdriver From the 12th Doctor

We all know that the 12th Doctor started his run with the Sonic Screwdriver from the 11th Doctor and after that he even used Sonic Sunglasses but now he has a fancy new Sonic Screwdriver and you can have one to.

This replica of the Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver shows all the details of the new tool and yes it has sounds and lights and it even can show green and blue light so that it can be perfect for any occasion.

Using a Sonic Screwdriver like this is just great fun as we all know that it won’t really do things like a real Sonic Screwdriver would.

Get your Sonic Screwdriver From the 12th Doctor