buy Tardis Door Sticker / Poster

Tardis Door Sticker / Poster

Now the door to your bedroom can look like the Tardis from Doctor Who as this door sticker will transform almost any door into the door of the Tardis.

The vinyl sticker is just amazing and can be stuck on wall or other flat surfaces as well so that you can really feel like the Tardis is part of you life and that of course is what every Doctor Who fan really wants.

The default sizes is 30 x 79 inch but you can get this door sticker in the size you need so that it always looks the way it should in your home.

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buy Giant Dalek Wall Decal

Giant Dalek Wall Decal

If you are a Doctor Who fan that likes to have a Dalek in the room then you are in luck as this giant Dalek wall decal is perfect for that.

This Dalek wall decal is 6 feet tall and looks like a classic brass color Dalek. Besides the giant Dalek this wall decal set also includes smaller decals that include the logo’s of Doctor Who and some other smaller Dalek decals.

And if you ever got sick of seeing this Dalek on your wall then you are in luck as you can remove the Dalek without leaving a trace and you can even apply it to a different wall.

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buy Weeping Angel Giant Wall Decal

Weeping Angel Giant Wall Decal

Now you can have a Weeping Angel wall decal on your wall witch is kinda of freaky in an amazing way.

This is a giant Doctor Who wall decal as the Weeping Angel is more then 6 feet tall and just looks stunning. As you can see on the picture the angel has all the details you expect and it is blocking it’s face but that does not mean that it can’t come closer to you if you blink.

Beside the big Weeping Angel the decal set has some smaller decal so that you can decorate your room in a Weeping Angel theme.

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