buy Tardis 63 T-Shirt

Tardis 63 T-Shirt

Doctor Who Tardis 63 T-Shirt

Get your Tardis 63 T-Shirt and feel like a Doctor Who fan felt when it all started.

This Doctor Who t-shirt is available in styles for men, women, and kids and comes in many colors and lots of sizes going up all the way to adults 10XL.

As a true Doctor Who fan you probably know that it all started in 1963 and that is why the design feels a bit like those days.

On the shirt there is a circle with colorful stripes inside it and there is a Tardis on it and “63” and also it says “Tardis” on it fun font and yes there are other details you can go see up close by clicking on the picture.

If you want to show the world around you that you are a Doctor Who fan from the beginning then this could be it.

Get your Tardis 63 T-Shirt