buy Tardis Convertible Watch

Tardis Convertible Watch

Now there is this amazing Tardis Convertible Watch that is a must have for a true Doctor Who fan.

This watch can be a pocket watch or a wrist watch as you can take the the watch face out and attach the included chain and as a wrist watch it has an amazing blue strap with signs from the doors of the Tardis.

And to make this Doctor Who watch even cooler they put it in a nice wooden box so that you can store it when not wearing it.

A watch like this makes for a really cool present for a Doctor Who fan but is great to buy for yourself too.

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buy 11th Doctor Vinyl Wall Clock

11th Doctor Vinyl Wall Clock

Who is better then telling time? Yes, a time lord and that is why you should check out this Doctor Who wall clock.

The wall clock is made from an vinyl record that is cut to look amazing.

This Doctor Who clock shows The Tardis in the middle and on the side you can see the 11th Doctor and on the other side you find a Dalek.

So now you can have the coolest Doctor Who clock on your wall as you won’t easily find this clock anywhere else.

This brand new Doctor Who wall clock is 12 inches and is made from an old vinyl record so besides looking amazing you are also doing some recycling.

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buy 12 Doctors Wall Clock

12 Doctors Wall Clock

If you are a Doctor Who fan that needs a clock then you just need this 12 Doctors wall clock.

The wall clock shows on the clock face twelve sections in each a different color and in that section, you can also find the Doctor of the number of that hour. So the 12th Doctor is at the top and the 7th Doctor is next to the 6th one on the bottom.

You can personalize the clock a bit by choosing white or black hands on the clock and the frame color is available in black, white, and wood making it just perfect for in your home.

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buy Dalek Projection Alarm Clock

Dalek Projection Alarm Clock

If you are Doctor Who fan in need of a new alarm clock then this Dalek alarm clock is what you want.

The alarm clock looks like a Dalek and even talks like one too and that means it will wake you with “EXTERMINATE” or one of the other included sounds. And when you push the Dalek on its head then he will show you the time on the ceiling and that is real handy while you are lying in bed.

So no more simple and boring alarm clocks for you and even that phone waking you can be a thing of the past all thanks to this Dalek projection alarm clock.

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buy Exploding Tardis Digital Watch

Exploding Tardis Digital Watch

Now there is a exploding Tardis wrist watch for women that like to have Doctor Who telling them the time.

This watch looks like a classic digital watch that just shows the time in numbers.

The Doctor Who watch has a strap that has the exploding Tardis painting on it and then on the beige watch it says “Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey” and a picture of the Tardis.

No this is not a watch for a formal occasion but it is a great watch for everyday use and perfect for wearing to school and work.

And this Doctor Who Tardis watch comes with 2 years warranty so that you are curtain it will be there to tell you time.

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buy White Dalek Watch

White Dalek Watch

Time moves differently in the world of the Doctor but luckily there is this amazing Dalek watch that will help with finding out what time it is.

This wrist watch has a fun shaped watch with a watch face that shows you some hours and the word “Daleks” against a background with a Dalek on it. And the Dalek watch has a white strap to securely wear this time device.

And this Doctor Who watch comes in a Doctor Who storage tin witch also makes it a great gift for a friend that would like to know the time and likes Doctor Who and the Daleks.

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buy Wooden Tardis Bad Wolf Wall Clock

Wooden Tardis Bad Wolf Wall Clock

This wall clock looks like the Tardis but is made out of wood.

The Doctor Who clock is available in two kinds of wood Black Cherry (on the picture) or American Walnut (witch is darker) and just looks amazing .

As you can see on the photo the Tardis clock has all the details engraved on it and this clock even say “Bad Wolf” on it so you know that Rose in one way or another was involved in this product.

Now your home or office can have a clock that just looks great and being great at telling time.

Why get a boring round clock that you can get anywhere while you can have a  Doctor Who clock that even looks like the famous police box the Doctor uses to travel through time and space.

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