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The Galaxy And The Tardis Cup & Saucer

Is it tea time yet? If so serve it in this Tardis cup & saucer set.

No need to keep using a boring mug or even a paper cup because if you like to your tea in style then this cup & saucer set is just made for a Doctor Who set like you.

The afternoon tea set is made from ceramic but it is hand wash only as it does not like to be hidden in a dishwasher.

The cup of the set is Tardis blue with the famous doors on it and it even has the top sign on it. And then there is the saucer that has an image of the galaxy on it making it look like the Tardis cup is flying through the galaxy all at tea time.

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Tardis And Dalek Glasses Set

If you like a refreshing drink while thinking about a Doctor Who adventure then you need this Tardis and Dalek glasses set.

Not only can you drink from a nice Doctor Who glass yourself but as there are two glasses in the set you can enjoy a drink with a friend and these are 18oz. glasses making them just the perfect size.

The glasses have the Doctor Who logo on the back side (click the picture to see it) and then on the front you will find the Tardis or a Dalek and both have a look making it look like it blends into the background.

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buy Tardis And Dalek Reusable And Biodegradable Cups

Tardis And Dalek Reusable And Biodegradable Cups

If you like the environment and Doctor Who then you should check out this set of Tardis and Dalek cups.

The set includes two amazing looking cups of which one has a Dalek on it and the other tumbler has the Tardis on it and the graphics on both look stunning and that is not just it as both have different and also amazing images on the other side.

The Doctor Who tumblers are 24 oz in capacity and are made from bamboo and that makes them biodegradable but don’t worry you can keep reusing the cups for a long time and they are even dishwasher safe.

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buy Tardis Beer Stein

Tardis Beer Stein

If you are a Doctor Who fan that likes a beer then you just need this Tardis beer stein as it is perfect for your favorite drink.

The ceramic beer stein is square and looks like the Tardis, everything from the doors with the signs all the way to the light on the top are all there.

Inside you can have 50oz of your favorite drink and the connected lid makes it easy to cover your drink when needed.

A beer stein like this is not just for drinking it is also for collecting as it is a unique and special Doctor Who piece.

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buy Tardis Paper Cups

Tardis Paper Cups

If you are having a Doctor Who themed party then you need this Tardis paper cups as they just fit in perfectly and don’t leave dishes.

The Tardis party cups come in a pack of 8 and can hold up to 9 oz. of your favorite drink.

On the blue Tardis cups you can see the big white door sign that explains how a Police public call box works and sure the sign may not really explain how the Tardis works.

Birthday party, Doctor Who marathon or a bbq these Doctor Who cups are just what you need to get your party started.

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