buy Tardis Details Mug

Tardis Details Mug

Doctor Who fans can now use this cool Tardis Details Mug that is great for your morning coffee.

The Doctor Who mug is white on the inside and has a white handle and then the outside is blue with on it some famous signs with the St John Ambulance on one side and on the other side the famous door sign.

And if you didn’t know what Tardis stand for then you can read it inside the mug.

The Doctor Who mug is 20 ounce making it nice and big so that it can hold lots of coffee or the beverage of your choice.

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buy Tardis And Gallifrey Symbols Mug

Tardis And Gallifrey Symbols Mug

Doctor Who fans that need a drink can now get coffee served in this Tardis And Gallifrey Symbols Mug.

This a white 20oz. ceramic mug that has a Gallifrey print in the background and on top of it the Tardis with what seems to be light coming from its windows.

A mug like this is great for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and even something stronger.

If you are a Doctor Who fan in need of a new mug or maybe a couple so that you can all have coffee when friends are over then this Tardis mug may be just what you need.

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buy Holographic Logo Mug

Holographic Logo Mug

Now there is a Doctor Who Holographic Logo Mug you have to see up close so click on the picture.

This Doctor Who mug has a shiny iridescent holographic finish which looks like it changes color when you look at it and that is really amazing.

On the mug you can find the new Doctor Who logo as it was stuck on top of the logo so even with your eyes closed you can feel it.

The Doctor Who mug is 11oz which should be enough for your morning coffee or afternoon tea.

Anyone that wants a mug that is way cooler than the one you got with advertisement on it should check this out.

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buy The Outfit Of The 13th Doctor Mug

The Outfit Of The 13th Doctor Mug

Now you can have this fun The Outfit Of The 13th Doctor Mug.

This is not your average mug, as it is not straight and normal but more like round like a ball with the top open.

If you are a true Doctor Who fan then you know what you are seeing when you look at the mug as it is the shirt and suspenders the 13th Doctor wears and yes the front and the back are different thanks to suspenders and you can see both of  them by clicking on the picture.

The Doctor Who mug is an official Doctor Who product so you know it is real.

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buy 64 Oz Tardis Mug

64 Oz Tardis Mug

Now you can start drinking your tea or coffee from this giant 64 Oz Tardis Mug.

Doctor Who fans that need a lot of coffee to get going in the morning can now have it all in one mug.

Normal mugs are about 8 – 12 oz so this Tardis mug is a lot bigger.

Not only the Doctor Who mug is the great size it is also amazing looking. The ceramic mug is round but has the Tardis look to it complete with embossed panels just like in the real Tardis.

I am sure that all the Doctor Who fans that love coffee or tea will love this mug but it is really big so drink fast otherwise your beverage gets cold.

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buy Tardis Shaped Mug

Tardis Shaped Mug

Time for a drink from this amazing looking Tardis Shaped Mug that is just made for all the fans of Doctor Who.

A true Doctor Who fan already noticed that this is the Tardis of the 13th Doctor as the door signs changed with the new Doctor.

The Tardis mug looks like the Tardis as it is a square mug shaped exactly like the Tardis but just without the top and with a big chrome handle on the side.

Your new Doctor Who mug is an 18oz ceramic mug and is just great for coffee, tea, or maybe even something stronger and just perfect to drink out of while watching a Doctor Who adventure on TV.

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buy The Galaxy And The Tardis Cup & Saucer

The Galaxy And The Tardis Cup & Saucer

Is it tea time yet? If so serve it in this Tardis cup & saucer set.

No need to keep using a boring mug or even a paper cup because if you like to your tea in style then this cup & saucer set is just made for a Doctor Who set like you.

The afternoon tea set is made from ceramic but it is hand wash only as it does not like to be hidden in a dishwasher.

The cup of the set is Tardis blue with the famous doors on it and it even has the top sign on it. And then there is the saucer that has an image of the galaxy on it making it look like the Tardis cup is flying through the galaxy all at tea time.

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buy Tardis Heat Changing Mug

Tardis Heat Changing Mug

If you like Doctor Who and mugs then you have to check out this Tardis heat changing mug.

The Tardis mug is Black with the Tardis at night and of course the Doctor Who logo and then when you fill it with a warm drink it changes into a nice Tardis blue mug with the Tardis all clear on it. And even inside the mug you find Doctor Who details like the famous DW logo that looks like the Tardis.

Now you can just show your dark side in the morning and the mug looks like you and then you put hot coffee inside and it all brighten up just like you do after your morning coffee.

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buy Doctor Who Logo Heat changing Mug

Doctor Who Logo Heat changing Mug

Now you can have a heat changing mug with the Doctor Who logo on it.

Every morning from now on your can drink your coffee from this cool Doctor Who mug.

When cold the mug is black with on the Doctor Who logo in white and then you put your hot coffee or tea inside it and the background changes to the famous blue galaxy we all know from the Doctor Who TV series.

Your Doctor Who mug will not be dishwasher or microwave proof but that’s OK as it is just so cool.

The Doctor Who ceramic mug can hold up to 20oz of your favorite drink.

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buy Tardis Beer Stein

Tardis Beer Stein

If you are a Doctor Who fan that likes a beer then you just need this Tardis beer stein as it is perfect for your favorite drink.

The ceramic beer stein is square and looks like the Tardis, everything from the doors with the signs all the way to the light on the top are all there.

Inside you can have 50oz of your favorite drink and the connected lid makes it easy to cover your drink when needed.

A beer stein like this is not just for drinking it is also for collecting as it is a unique and special Doctor Who piece.

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