buy Denim Tardis Wallet

Denim Tardis Wallet

Now there is this great looking Denim Tardis Wallet that is just made for true Doctor Who fans.

This is not a small wallet that fits in your pocket but more like a women’s wallet.

The Doctor Who wallet is made from pieces of denims patch together and then there is also the signs on it that you can find on the door of the Tardis  and to top it all of there is Tardis blue police box on it too.

Inside the wallet there is room for lots of cards and cash and there is even one card slot with a window that can be perfect for holding ID cards so that you can use it would taking it out.

And the whole Tardis wallet has a zipper close to keep your cash and cards safe.

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buy Tardis RFID Protection Wallet

Tardis RFID Protection Wallet

Doctor Who fans that need to store cash and cards can now do that in this Tardis RFID Protection Wallet.

This Doctor Who wallet is made from premium leather and is Tardis blue and has the doors of the Tardis on the outside complete with cutouts and the signs of the Tardis.

This Doctor Who bi-fold wallet has RFID protection so that you info is secure inside it. There is plenty of room inside this wallet for pair money and coins and there are lots of pockets to for cards including a flap that hold two pockets for ID cards as they have windows so that you never have to take you card out if they ask for ID.

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buy Worn Look Tardis Wallet

Worn Look Tardis Wallet

If you are a Doctor Who fan looking for a way to store cash or cards then you have to see this worn look Tardis wallet.

This is a bifold Doctor Who wallet with on the outside a part of the Tardis with the doors on the front with the windows and many signs and it looks a bit worn to make it look even better.

On the inside the Tardis wallet is blue and it has the Doctor Who logo in white and there are lots of card slots and a pocket for your cash.

Now you can always have the Tardis near close to your credit cards and cash.

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buy Tardis Women’s Wallet

Tardis Women’s Wallet

Now there is a cool Tardis women’s wallet for all the true Doctor Who fans that need a place to store their cash and cards.

The Tardis wallet offers plenty of space for cards on the inside and those can be bank cards but loyalty fit perfectly too. And besides card there is a zip up compartment that can hold you coins and bills.

On the outside the wallet shows a cool image of the Tardis and it has some cool double image things happening that gives you the feeling that it is moving. Beside the Tardis it has the Doctor Who logo embossed in it and it even has the BBC logo on it.

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buy Time Lord Galaxy And The Tardis Wallet

Time Lord Galaxy And The Tardis Wallet

This Doctor Who wallet is great for storing your cash and cards and it looks better than most plain wallets that people use.

This bi-fold wallet ahs a green and blue color with on it a galaxy far away with a planet and the Tardis. Beside that there is in big letters the text “Time Lord” on it too so that everyone knows it belongs to the Doctor or his friend.

Made from faux leather you know this wallet did not harm animals and that makes it perfect for all the Doctor Who fans that need to store money and cards while on the go.

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buy Exploding Tardis Bi Fold Wallet

Exploding Tardis Bi Fold Wallet

Now you can have a Doctor Who wallet to store all your cash and cards in.

This wallet is blue on the inside and on the outside it shows the Vincent Van Gogh painting of the exploding Tardis.

This Bi-Fold wallet offers space for cards and cash so that you can have the Doctor near to your money.

The Doctor Who Tardis wallet also offers a clear pocket so that you can show you ID card without having to remove it from your wallet.

Why would anyone want a plain wallet when you can have something cool like this?

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