buy Women’s Tardis Bikini

Women’s Tardis Bikini

Doctor Who Women's Tardis Bikini

If you like a Doctor Who swimsuit then come check this out.

This Tardis bikini may look like a one piece but is actually two pieces and they are sold separately so that you can get it to fit just perfectly or match it with something else you own.

The bikini bottoms are high waist and are blue with on it gears and on the back, you find the Doctor Who logo in white.

The bikini top looks like the Tardis with the front door and the top sign and it has a ruffle on the bottom to make it look even cooler. The bikini top has straps that are removable so that you can wear it strapless and it looks like a cool top so maybe you like to wear it outside of the water as part of a Doctor Who costume.

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