buy Sexy Tardis Bikini

Sexy Tardis Bikini

Doctor Who fans can now go to the beach all thanks to this Sexy Tardis Bikini.

Sure visiting the pool or the beach you can do in any swimwear but if you like to find other Doctor Who fans on the beach then a Doctor Who swimsuit is what you like.

This bikini set has a bikini top and bottoms that are Tardis blue with and it is a string bikini so easy to make you fit perfectly and yes this bikini set is available in sizes Small – 2XL.

So now you just need a sunny day and you can be ready for the beach or pool.

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buy Blue Space And The Tardis Swim Shorts

Blue Space And The Tardis Swim Shorts

Pool weather is coming and that is why you need these Blue Space And The Tardis Swim Shorts.

The Doctor Who swimwear is available for kids ages 7 and up and adults can enjoy this too.

As you can see the shorts have a the galaxy on it in blue color and then in the middle there you can find the famous Tardis just like Doctor Who uses all the time on his adventures.

And these Doctor Who swim trunks are made from 100% polyester and are quick drying.

No need to only wear these short to the pool as they are great shorts for almost any occasion.

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buy Stars And The Tardis Swim Trunks

Stars And The Tardis Swim Trunks

Now you can wear these Stars And The Tardis Swim Trunks to the pool and show everyone that you are a big Doctor Who fan.

These Doctor Who swim shorts are available in a bunch of men’s sizes and they are dark blue with stars on the background and then on top of that you can find the Tardis itself in a cool print with windows that show through some light.

So swimming or just hanging out in shorts will be extra fun if you are a big Doctor Who fan and other Doctor Who fans will now know that you are one .

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buy 13th Doctor Striped Bikini Top

13th Doctor Striped Bikini Top

Doctor Who fans can now go to the beach wearing this fun 13th Doctor Striped Bikini Top.

The bikini top is available in women’s junior sizes XSmall – 3XL and they are all made from 80% nylon with 20% spandex and it has a 100% polyester lining.

The bikini top has a dark blue color with on it the famous stripes that are the same as on the shirt of the 13th Doctor. On the back there it is just the straps that are gold in color.

And besides a fun bikini top, this could be just a fun top to wear in summer. And if you want to look even more like the doctor then you are in luck as they have bikini bottoms too.

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buy Women’s Tardis Bikini

Women’s Tardis Bikini

If you like a Doctor Who swimsuit then come check this out.

This Tardis bikini may look like a one piece but is actually two pieces and they are sold separately so that you can get it to fit just perfectly or match it with something else you own.

The bikini bottoms are high waist and are blue with on it gears and on the back, you find the Doctor Who logo in white.

The bikini top looks like the Tardis with the front door and the top sign and it has a ruffle on the bottom to make it look even cooler. The bikini top has straps that are removable so that you can wear it strapless and it looks like a cool top so maybe you like to wear it outside of the water as part of a Doctor Who costume.

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buy Women’s Exploding Tardis Bikini Set

Women’s Exploding Tardis Bikini Set

If you are a Doctor Who fan looking for a fun swimsuit for the pool and beach then you came to the right place as this exploding Tardis bikini set is just what you need.

The string bikini has blue strings and besides that the fabric of the swimsuit is covered in the print of the Van Gogh painting of the exploding Tardis so lots of blue and yellow.

You can get this special Doctor Who bikini set in many women’s sizes ranging from Small – 5XL so that all the true fans of the Doctor and his Tardis can enjoy wearing it this summer.

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buy Women’s Tardis Bathing Suit

Women’s Tardis Bathing Suit

Sun, sand and the beach all need you to looks at this Tardis bathing suit as it is the perfect swimwear for a Doctor Who fan like you.

This women’s swimsuit is Tardis blue and shows the famous doors of the Tardis on it.

Now you can be out in the water knowing that the Doctor is keeping an eye on your and that he can make you travel in time and space because he you are wearing the Tardis.

No longer do you need to wear boring plain swimwear because this Tardis swimsuit is just so much better looking and way more fun.

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